If you have read some of my previous articles, you can see how getting certified in Web Programming can provide you with so many learning opportunities and benefits for your career. If you know anything about web technologies, you should know you start at HTML/CSS and build functionalities for an application with JS. And if not, now you do.

It is a known though that a majority of learning to code can be self taught. If that is what you prefer this is where you can start.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day. It was a topic that seemed simple enough but was overly complex. She recently had started seeing a therapist, and how (unexpectedly) life changing it was for her.

90’s kids. We know them, we love them, we are them. But how has growing up with the First Gen American culture allowed me to succeed as a millennial today?

This is more something I would like to learn more about

That in itself has become quite a powerful statement this past few years, but also in the past and definitely in the future it will be as well.

Has it been difficult? Or am I just intimidated. Both, but it should really be neither in scale.

Maybe I was just young and absent in noticing but I don’t think that was the case. I have gotten along very well with my co workers in most of my jobs. Although, this may not have always been the case. …

What We May Know And Not Know

Conservation is a large topic with surprisingly little attention. Bringing technology for advancements for this cause is something that can easily push bringing additional awareness forward. Since I am not an expert on this topic, but did have a vested interest, I did some research for quite some time in putting together the most relevant and necessary information on bringing forward real change.

Seeing the developments in this field until now, I am so incredibly proud of the work that has been done and excited to contribute to whatever work that needs to be done.

And the obvious climate change…

Building your resume and portfolio are key aspects to finding your next role, and have the world have the unknown parts of you become a bit more known at your discretion.

What Is the Content Recommended for My Resume?

Use good wording- wording emphasizing action more than description. Do not just state what the position does, but exactly what you did to make the role at the company progressive. “Analyzed the DOT reports into SQL Database” vs “Analyzed 40% of companies Accident reports into organized format and created SQL database tables to use on website for consumers”

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar. This should not even be mentioned. But double…

Harika Kasireddy

Web technologist, among other things, looking to share and learn more about the things I care about and my journey in tech and life

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